Rodent Infestation: 5 Things in Your Home That Attract Rodents

Whether you think that the mouse in your attic is cute as a button or find all rodents disgusting to the core, we can all agree on one thing: rodents carry diseases. Rodents are known for spreading hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Salmonella, and many other diseases in humans all over the world. In fact, fleas on rodents were the primary carriers of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria responsible for the most deadly pandemic in human history, The Black Death.

Today, there is a lot we can do to exterminate rodents and prevent their populations from entering our living spaces. Still, some things in your house may nullify your efforts by activity inviting rodents to make your house their home. Here are some things that invite rodents into your house, according to our expert exterminators in Bayonne, NJ.

1. Building Materials For Nests

Rodents look for spaces in your house to set up a home. They search for building materials such as newspapers, cotton, twigs, furniture stuffing, etc. They may chew through your upholstery to access soft materials for their home.

2. Peanuts and Peanut Butter

Contrary to what Tom and Jerry would have you believe, rodents aren’t crazy for cheese. If they are known to love something more than anything else in your house, it’s peanuts and peanut butter. Rodents have a pretty good sense of smell. Leaving the butter jars open in your home will invite rats from all over town.

3. Bacon and Bacon Jerky

Rodents love bacon and bacon jerky, even more so in winter. Its high protein content makes it a valuable source of nutrition for growing mice. Make sure you don’t leave pieces of bacon in the open for them to smell and come for.

4. Tiny Openings Outside Your House

Mice are small, like really small. The broadest part of a mouse is its skull, about 11 cm wide. That’s thinner than an average index finger. Mice can get in through the tiniest openings outside your house.

Rats tend to be larger, but most people don’t realize how well they transform their bodies to get through seemingly impossible openings. You can prevent mice and rats from entering your house by blocking these openings with something rodents can’t chew, such as steel wool.

5. Debris Around Your House

Rodents are among the smallest mammals and don’t like living in the open, as it exposes them to predators. Debris and weeds around your house give rodents a place to hide and travel outside the line of sight of cats and eagles.

Prevent Rodent Infestation with Organic Solutions

At Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc., we work on organic and natural alternatives to harmful chemical pesticides. Our rodent prevention program also includes measures to suppress the rat and mouse populations and reduce the chances of reentry. We’re now widely trusted for our commercial and residential pest control in Bayonne, NJ. We also provide organic drain cleaning solutions in Hudson County.

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