How to Prevent Ticks In Your Backyard

At Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc., we’ve developed an organic barrier treatment for ticks inspired by natural phenomena. Our barrier treatment also repels mosquitoes off your lawn. Visit our barrier of protection page to learn more about this treatment.

Ticks are parasitic insects that feed on warm-blooded animals such as humans and other mammals. They can carry bacteria and viruses that can infect humans and pets. Ticks are also responsible for Lyme disease, which impacts the lives of more than 30,000 people across the US.

Let’s start this guide by explaining why ticks choose your backyard to live in, in the first place.

Why Do Ticks Live in Your Backyard?

Ticks are a very specialized species. Unlike cockroaches, who will eat anything, ticks can only feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive at every stage of their development. They’ve evolved accordingly to target animals as best they can.

Ticks like to live in shady, moist areas with tall grass. Do you know who else likes the same kind of landscape? Grass-eating mammals! Ticks cling to tall blades of grass, ready to jump as soon as a mammal approaches. Your backyard gives the perfect environment ticks have evolved to prefer.

Use Landscaping to Prevent Tick Growth

You can make your lawn less attractive to ticks through landscaping. Clear any tall glasses in and around your backyard, and mow your lawn regularly. Keep at least 3 feet of distance between your lawn and patio to prevent ticks from migrating.

Ticks don’t like the sunlight. Ensure your patio and other backyard equipment are in direct sunlight to discourage ticks from getting in. Also, remove any unnecessary furniture or mattresses that ticks could call home.

Use Organic Pesticides to Exterminate Ticks

Chemical pesticides may do the job, but at what cost? There are several known dangers of pesticides for humans and pests. What’s the point of preventing one illness if it puts you at a greater risk of another? This is where Clearview Environmental Sciences comes in.

We’ve developed an organic, natural, and environment-friendly barrier treatment that keeps ticks off your backyard. The barrier is applied via an Ultra Low Volume applicator that allows the treatment to penetrate into the grass and other vegetation in your backyard. We also apply the same treatment in the rest of the places around your property to make it more tick-safe.

Our solution repels mosquitoes in addition to ticks, which have evolved to hover over plants waiting for mammals the same way. Our barrier of protection is a great way to protect your family against the diseases and discomfort brought about by these pests.

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Want to get rid of ticks in your backyard with organic treatment? Get in touch now!