How It All Started

The year was 2020 and much like the rest of the entire world, uncertainty was settling. My wife and I got laid off from our jobs due to the raging coronavirus pandemic. With our 3 year old daughter by our side and our son on the way, we did not know what our next step would be. Having dedicated the past 15 years of my life to the pest control industry and throughout that time acquiring multiple different licenses across different states, unknowingly i was establishing the fundamentals of my own path and Clearview Pest Control inc was born. We decided to take the step, cracked our 401K plans, gathered all of our savings, prepared ourselves for the unpredictable, and started our journey. The traditional approach was our chosen path. Going door-to-door, offering pest control services, became the foundation of our success by building personal relationships with each and one of our costumers. Over time, we have grown and expanded our expertise, now providing a range of specialized services including wildlife control and removal, bedbug treatments, bird exclusion, and much more.

What Keeps Me Motivated

Every day we open for business, we get dealt an arrange of troubling situations our clients and folks we serve are dealing with. At Clearview, we carry a deep sense of responsibility to deliver solutions to all of these situations regardless of the complexity of each task. These solutions must not only be safe for the costumer, environment and staff at hand, but also must carry our seal of excellence into every completed job. We pride ourselves with the ongoing degree of training that all of our staff undergo and motivation follows by our deep commitment to deliver excellence and effectiveness to every client no matter how big or small. Our clients satisfaction is the core foundation to Clearview Pest Control and our number one motivator.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

Technology is revolutionizing the world. At Clearview pest control inc. we are always in search of the latest refinements and innovations in the pest control industry. By reducing reliance on chemical pesticides and doing our part to protect our environment, we strive to provide state of the art solutions for all of our clients. These include genetic pest control methods, smart pest control technology such as devices, sensors, predictive analytics for pest behavior and targeted application of control measures just to name a few. We are always looking forward to the next breakthrough in order to keep our clients home , families and environment safer than ever.


Michael Medina
Clearview Pest Control Inc.

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Michael Medina


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