5 Things Your Termite Exterminator Wants You To Remember

Homeowners often get complacent when it comes to pest control. While you may be diligent about the regular examination, there are a few preventative measures that termite exterminators want you to take to prevent the likelihood of termite infestation. These preventative measures will help you nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Termite causes a lot of damage to your home’s structure, and most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover termite damage which means you have to be extra careful. Here’s some advice from our termite exterminators on the best way to keep termites at bay. Read on!

Moisture Leaks

Moisture and damp wood is a giant buffet for hungry colonies of termites, which is why you must take care of moisture leaks. If your home has wooden window frames or flooring, it is likely to attract termites. Termites tend to gravitate towards wooden places where they can feast on an abundant supply of organic material.

Moreover, if there are plumbing issues or piping is exposed in your attic or porch, they can easily find their way inside your building. Check for moisture leaks on the roof of your house as well.

Termites Eat 24/7

One thing you need to know about termites is that they don’t stop. They don’t sleep, and their only goal is to consume wood and damage the structure of your house. If you don’t call in termite control services, it can severely weaken the foundation of your house over time. It will be a lot of damage to cover after a long time.

However, termites don’t just eat wood. They also feast on wallpapers, cardboards, books, clothes, garden plants, and anything made of cellulose.

Professional Inspection

A regular professional inspection is also helpful in preventing termite infestation. Experts are more capable of searching the house and looking for signs of termites. They can do the inspection gap, ensuring that the wood in contact with the ground, such as the fence post, isn’t making way for the termites to crawl inside your house.

Sources of Wood

Many people often mistake termites for tiny Pharoah ants and disregard them. They don’t see the signs until it’s too late. Keep an eye on all the termite food sources such as damp soil, moisture leak in the attic, and wood that can attract the termites. To minimize the likelihood of termite infestation, reducing the food sources such as wooden addition in your house can help.

Termite Control Takes Time

Many people think of the termite control process as a one-time thing. However, our termite exterminator would have you know that old termite infestation can be difficult to get rid of; therefore, it’s an ongoing process that will take some time.

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