3 Symptoms Of A Tickborne Illness

Ticks carry various bacteria, viruses, and fungi in and around their bodies that cause all kinds of infections. The most common of these diseases is Lyme disease, caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. These illnesses can potentially be very serious, especially if you get infected by multiple microorganisms simultaneously. If your house is infested, call environmental pest control services now!

Symptoms Of A Tickborne Illness

Different tickborne illnesses are caused by different microorganisms, which infect your body differently and cause different symptoms. Still, there is some overlap between the symptoms caused by these diseases. If you’ve been bitten by a tick or suspect you may have been infected in any other way, look for these symptoms in the upcoming weeks.

1. Fever

Almost all infections cause a fever. The human body reacts to all infections by raising body temperature and making survival harder for bacteria and viruses. It may be a tickborne disease if you feel feverish after a bite.

2. Pain and Fatigue

Pain, aches, and fatigue are some of the symptoms many infections share. You may experience headaches, muscle pains even joint pain in the case of Lyme disease.

3. Rash

A rash is a common symptom of Lyme disease and other tickborne diseases. However, not all tickborne diseases cause a rash, so you may still be infected if you don’t develop this symptom.

Why and How Ticks Cause Illness 

All living organisms have symbiotic relationships with other organisms. Even humans have ten times more bacteria cells than our cells, which can amount to up to 3% of our body weight. These bacteria work with us to perform various bodily functions such as digestion and immunity. In exchange, we offer these bacteria protection from the environment.

Our bodies are also full of microorganisms that aren’t useful to us, but we’re immune to them, so they can’t infect us. However, other organisms such as ticks also have microorganisms in and around their bodies that we have no protection against. If these microorganisms get past our skin barrier, such as via a bite or through our food, they can cause some serious havoc in our bodies.

These micrograms are so diverse that you can never completely develop immunity against tickborne illness. The only way to prevent the symptoms is by calling environmental pest services.

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