Six Reasons for Mice Infestation to Look Out For!

Mice infestation is a serious problem that can damage your property and even pose a health risk to you and your family. If you suspect a mice problem, it is important to take action immediately to get rid of the pests.

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Mice infestations are a common issue in both commercial and residential properties. Mice are attracted to food sources, water, and shelter, which means that nearly any property can be at risk for an infestation. To help you prevent mice infestations, we’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons for infestations.

1. Unsealed Food Sources

Mice are attracted to food sources, so having unsealed food around your property can attract them. Mice can smell food from long distances away and will often travel great lengths to find it. Food sources that can attract mice include cereals, seeds, packaged food products, leftover pet food, and even crumbs on the floor. Be sure to store all your food in airtight containers and seal off any entryways where they could enter your property.

2. Hiding Places

Places to hide lure mice, which is why you can find them in attics, crawl spaces, and other dark locations. Anything that provides shelter could contain a mouse nest or harbor a few rodents running around. Remove piles of wood, cardboard boxes, or anything else that would offer hiding spots for mice and wildlife on your property. Keep storage areas as clean as possible and ensure there are no gaps in walls or floors that allow them to enter your home or business.

3. Water Sources

Mice need water to survive, so having water sources on your property can attract them. This includes things like leaky pipes, ponds, and bird baths.  Be sure to fix any leaks around your property and remove any standing water. If you have a pond, consider adding a fence to deter animals from accessing the water.

4. Warmth

In the winter months, mice are looking for warmth and will often enter homes in search of it. To mice, your home is nothing more than a warm shelter. To prevent them from coming inside, seal any cracks or holes in your foundation and around doors and windows. In addition, mouse-proof your home by removing food sources and keeping storage areas clean.

5. Clutter

Clutter provides mice with hiding places where they feel safe from predators. Clutter also gives them a place to build their nests. To discourage mice from taking up residence in your home, reduce clutter and clean up any loose debris around your property.

6. Cracks and Holes

Mice can squeeze through incredibly small spaces to get into your home. Check for cracks and holes in your foundation, windows, and doors, and seal them up to prevent mice from entering. Set up glue traps and snap traps around your doors, windows, and foundation. Put them near common entry points for mice. Focus especially on areas in your kitchen (especially under or around cabinets).

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