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Animal-Proof Your Lawn to Keep It Looking Immaculate

Lawns are among the most prized landscape elements in Staten Island houses. Homeowners spend a lot of money and resources beautifying their outdoor spaces. From trimming the grass, pulling out weeds, and raking leaves for neatness to adding various plants, seating arrangements, and decorative elements for beautification, there are various ways to make your lawn the envy of your neighbors. However, all of your hard work can go to waste if your lawn is frequently invaded by wildlife.

Watching birds chirping near the water fountain and squirrels hopping along the bushes may seem like something straight out of a fairytale, but things can go wrong quickly. As cute as wildlife animals may appear, they can wreak havoc on your lawn by digging holes, destroying your plants and décor, and ruining the overall aesthetic of your landscape.  

Want to preserve your lawn’s integrity and visual appeal? Our team can help. Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc provides organic pest control and wildlife exclusion services to NYC residents, helping them secure their lawns and gardens. We offer wildlife removal and prevention solutions to help homeowners eliminate the chances of unwanted visitors. Get in touch with us now for more details!

How To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Lawn

Even animal lovers don’t want wildlife nibbling their plants and damaging their lawns. Our team goes the extra mile when implementing wildlife exclusion strategies. In addition to humanely capturing and releasing animals from your garden, we also provide preventive measures to reduce the likeliness of similar instances in the future.


Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc offers sustainable and humane wildlife exclusion solutions to keep animals and birds out of lawns. We help homeowners identify potential concerns and promptly address them to prevent wildlife from gaining access to their outdoor spaces. From adding barriers and fences to using eco-friendly repellants, we’ve got a solution for every scenario.

What Wildlife We Target

        • Raccoons
        • Rats
        • Squirrels
        • Skunks
        • Voles
        • Opossums
        • Armadillos
        • Badgers
        • Woodchucks
        • Bats
        • Birds
        • Reptiles

And other similar pests.

Ready to keep your lawns free from wildlife pests? Contact our environmental pest and wildlife control service in Staten Island, NYC, today to get started!

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