How Often Does A Restaurant Need A Roach Exterminator And Other Pest Control In NYC?

Few things can ruin a restaurant’s reputation faster than having a pest problem. Whether it’s because you have rats that have found your food storage or cockroaches that frequent your dining room. It’s important to keep pests at bay because they’re unappealing and carry diseases. At Clearview Environmental Sciences, we want to help you keep your restaurant clear of pests so we have advice that can help you decide how often you should hire a roach exterminator in NYC. We’ve put together a guide to help you know when to call for pest control and what you can do to keep pests away.


If you haven’t seen any pests in your restaurants, you’re in great shape. However, it’s important to keep in mind that keeping them away is still an ongoing battle. You could have roaches or mice right outside your door waiting for an opportunity to get in. That being said, you should have pest control come to your restaurant quarterly to check for pests and verify that you don’t have an unseen problem. In addition to performing an inspection, your exterminator can take further preventative measures to ensure that bugs and rodents stay away.


Once you’ve seen a single pest, whether it’s a mouse, rat, or cockroach, you need an exterminator. This is because pests don’t often live alone. Rather, you’ll find that a single roach is the first sign of an infestation and a single rat can lead to a mischief of rats. A pest control service can help by performing an inspection and identifying exactly what kind of problem you have on your hands. If you do have a pest problem, your exterminator should come monthly for up to six months. Of course, your exterminator can provide you with advice regarding the unique problem your restaurant has.


As we previously mentioned, it’s great if you don’t have pests in your restaurant. Although, you need to take action to keep pests out of your kitchen and eating areas. There are several things that you can do as active and passive methods of preventing an infestation.

Start by eliminating points of entry. This means that you need to seal cracks and holes in the wall that will allow pests to find their way in. Understand that rats need only enough space to fit their heads through an opening because their bodies are flexible and will squeeze through tiny cracks. Sealing entry points includes utility openings and pipes as well as ensuring that doors are always shut tight.

Taking the garbage out back to the dumpster should be a task that’s done regularly. Not only is it important to ensure that you don’t attract flies to the kitchen, but rats and cockroaches love trash as well. Garbage bins that overflow and linger for even a day or two can start to stink, which attracts pests to them. Properly dispose of trash each day to keep the pests away.


If you’re worried that you have a pest problem, schedule a call with Clearview Environmental Sciences. We’re experts in pest control and can help you keep bugs and rodents out of your restaurant. Our pest and rodent exterminators in NYC have 20 years of experience and offer the most effective methods in the business. CALL US NOW 347-224-2581. You can also send a message using our contact form. We can come to your restaurant and perform an inspection for you.