5 Signs You Need To Hire A Mice Exterminator In NYC

Pests can have a major impact on your home. Whether they’re contaminating your food, destroying your home, or spreading disease, there are a plethora of reasons to ensure that a few mice don’t make your home theirs and lead to an infestation. With the help of a mice exterminator in NYC, you can eliminate a nuisance before it grows into a major problem. If you’re unsure about whether or not you have a problem, our team at Clearview Environmental Science has put together five warning signs that you need an exterminator.


Droppings are a sure sign that you have one or more mice that have entered your home. The amount of droppings is a direct reflection of the size of the problem you have on your hands. A few droppings likely mean no more than a few, but a large amount means that you have an infestation that could have spread throughout your home. It’s important that you don’t disregard a few droppings as a one-time event as mice are likely to return to a food source and bring a few of their closest friends with them.

Droppings will start out as brown then turn gray as they start to age. You’re most likely to notice them in areas where you keep food as well as inside drawers, cabinets, and under sinks. Call a mice exterminator at the first sign of droppings.


Even if you don’t notice droppings in potential trouble areas, scratching inside your walls at night can be a sign that you have a mouse. Mice are nocturnal animals and will try to burrow and nest in your walls or ceiling at night. This means that you won’t necessarily hear activity during the day, but you could notice it as you’re locking up the house at night or lying in bed trying to sleep. In addition to scratching noises, you might hear gnawing or squeaking.


Mice smell terrible. They bring with them a strong, pungent smell that’s easily identifiable. Similar to how dogs will mark their territory several times on a walk, mice mark their territory with their own unique smell. This can also be a signal to their horde that they’ve established a safe place with a solid food source for them to set up camp.

In addition to the natural musk that mice carry on them at all times, you might also smell a dead mouse as they can die inside your walls while foraging for food. If you suspect you have mice, pay close attention to the behavior of your pets, especially cats, because they’ll be curious about the smell, and start sniffing about can be an indicator that you have a problem.


Mice are able to wedge themselves through tiny spaces. Part of what lets them do this is their greasy body. You might notice greasy marks against walls, doors, and even the floor as evidence of mice working their way around your home.

If you suspect you might have mice but aren’t sure, you can leave some flour on the floor overnight in areas where you see tracks. The mice will walk through the flour and leave footprints. This will not only confirm your suspicions about mice, but you can follow the floury footprints to find where they’re hiding.


Mice will chew just about anything. This goes beyond your walls and includes electrical wiring. Frayed wires behind your TV or computer desk are a strong indicator of a mouse problem. Finicky light switches could mean that you have some electrical damage inside your wall that’s been caused by mice as well. Damaged furniture, toys, and clothing are also signs that you’re in need of a mice exterminator.


Don’t wait, call Clearview Environmental Science today if you’re worried about a mouse infestation. The worst thing that can happen if you don’t have one is that we give you the good news that there are no mice. CALL US (347)224-2581 or send a message to schedule an inspection today.