Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control

Helping You Remove Wildlife As Humanely As Possible

When it comes to securing your property and removing wildlife, there’s one crucial question to consider: how can you ensure your and the animals’ safety during the process? In other words, how can you humanely remove animals and critters from your premises without jeopardizing their lives?

The answer: by hiring a humane nuisance wildlife control service. While animals and birds need to be kept away from your property, you don’t want to cause them any suffering. This means steering clear of store-bought traps or chemicals. DIY methods may seem convenient and effective, but they often come at the cost of harming wildlife. Although these methods can be effective, they cause harming the wildlife you’re removing. Additionally, they can also harm or hurt you in the process.

This is precisely why hiring a professional humane nuisance wildlife control services is important. That’s where our team comes into the picture.

How We Remove Wildlife From Your Property

Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc is an organic pest control and wildlife removal service that provides humane solutions for trapping and releasing wildlife. We know how irritating and dangerous having unwanted visitors crawling around your house can be. Our team uses specie-specific animal trapping methods to effectively capture and remove wildlife from your premises. These include live trapping instruments, such as cages, box traps, and foothold traps.    

In cases where live trapping is prohibited by law or ineffective, we use other humane wildlife removal and exclusion strategies to resolve pest issues. These include animal-proofing your property by sealing entry and exit points, replacing insecure vents, filling in holes and crevices, and using eco-friendly animal repellants to prevent future instances of the nuisance. In doing so, we help you receive a more permanent solution.  

What Wildlife We Target

        • Raccoons
        • Rats
        • Squirrels
        • Skunks
        • Voles
        • Opossums
        • Armadillos
        • Badgers
        • Woodchucks
        • Bats
        • Birds
        • Reptiles

And other similar pests.

Why Do You Need to Remove Wildlife?

Whether or not you love animals, some creatures are best left alone. They’re called wildlife for a reason! Even the friendliest-looking squirrels and mice can cause destruction, spread diseases, and harm you and your property in multiple ways.

Ready to hire our environmental pest and wildlife control service in Staten Island, NYC? Contact us today to get started!

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