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Animal-Proof Your Home By Securing the Doors & Windows

Let’s be honest; having animals and birds casually enter your house through the doors and windows is only enjoyable in fairytales. You don’t actually want them disrupting your space in real life, even if you’re a huge animal lover. Wildlife animals are not pets. This means you must secure entry and exit points and keep animals and birds out of your house.

The best way to do that is by securing your doors and windows. Our team can help with this. Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc provides organic pest control and wildlife exclusion services to Staten Island residents. We help homeowners identify improperly fitted doors and windows that could potentially result in unwanted visitors. In addition to this, we also help fill in the gaps and crevices in doors and windows that could shelter small animals and have them invade your property.

Why You Need to Keep Wildlife Away

You may enjoy feeding the birds or being greeted by squirrels when you step outside the house, but having them nesting inside your home is a whole other ball game. Having animals crawl or birds fly through the doors and windows can get annoying pretty quickly. It can also result in property damage. You’ll not like their presence once they start chewing wires or damaging the floorboards!


Furthermore, it’s not only the “cute and (supposedly) harmless” animals that find their way inside houses through windows and doors. Imagine waking up one day and finding an armadillo perched on your couch.

Animals and birds are especially likely to sneak inside your home during winter to stay warm and cozy. They may also enter your space in search of food. Either way, it’s best to keep wildlife animals where they belong: outdoors.

What Wildlife Exclusion Strategies We Use

Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc provides sustainable and humane wildlife exclusion solutions in NYC to keep animals and birds out in the long run. We help homeowners identify security threats and facilitate the repair process.

Additionally, we also help homeowners implement new strategies to prevent animals from gaining access to their homes. These include door and window screens, barriers, and eco-friendly repellants to keep wildlife away.

What Wildlife We Target

        • Raccoons
        • Rats
        • Squirrels
        • Skunks
        • Voles
        • Opossums
        • Armadillos
        • Badgers
        • Woodchucks
        • Bats
        • Birds
        • Reptiles

And other similar pests.

Ready to hire our environmental pest and wildlife control service in Staten Island, NYC? Contact us today to get started!

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