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Animal-Proof Your Home By Securing the Deck & Porch

Patio and porch upgrades are highly popular among NYC residents. However, no amount of décor, landscaping, and repair work can make up for the presence of wildlife pests. You can add the most beautiful tiles, furniture, seating arrangement, and design elements to your outdoor space, but if it’s frequented by wild animals, you won’t get to enjoy it the way you’d planned to. Moreover, wildlife pests can also threaten the safety of your space, causing structural damage and increasing the chances of disease.

The solution? Hiring an environmental pest control service that keeps wildlife away from your property. Decks, sheds, and porches are prime nesting and hiding spots for wild animals, especially during winter. Animals typically wiggle into these areas for shelter, warmth, and food, invading your space. This presence can be hazardous for your pets, plants, and health, making wildlife removal integral.

Our team can help with this. Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc provides organic pest control and wildlife exclusion services to residents of Staten Island, NY, helping them secure their outdoor spaces. We use humane animal capture and release strategies to get rid of wildlife pests and give you full control of your outdoor space. Get in touch for more details!

Preventive Measures & Exclusion Strategies

Removing a wild animal from a deck or porch is a temporary fix. To ensure it doesn’t come crawling back, you need long-term solutions.

At Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc, we help homeowners identify potential elements that could invite unwanted visitors and install barriers to keep animals out of their property. We also use eco-friendly repellants to prevent animals from making their way to your porch or deck. From installing shed covers and fences to implementing strategies that discourage burrowing, we do it all!

Additionally, we also help homeowners secure their doors, windows, and other entryways connected to the deck, porch, or sheds. It’s bad enough your outdoor spaces keep getting invaded by raccoons and opossums; you don’t want them sneaking inside your house too!

What Wildlife We Target

        • Raccoons
        • Rats
        • Squirrels
        • Skunks
        • Voles
        • Opossums
        • Armadillos
        • Badgers
        • Woodchucks
        • Bats
        • Birds
        • Reptiles

And other similar pests.

Ready to make your deck and porch wildlife-free? Contact our environmental pest and wildlife control service in Staten Island, NYC, today to get started!

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