Bathroom, Dryer, & Range Hood

Animal-Proof Your Home By Securing the Bathrooms

For many of us, the bathroom is a coveted space where we get some much-needed privacy. It’s also among the most frequented areas in the house, visited multiple times a day. Naturally, homeowners prefer redesigning the bathrooms to create a more comfortable and relaxing environment. However, all the relaxation and coziness goes down the drain—pun unintended—if your bathroom gets unexpected visitors.

Imagine rushing to the bathroom in the middle of the night and spotting a rodent near the toilet. Or watching a flying squirrel make an appearance one morning while you’re brushing your teeth. Doesn’t sound relaxing, does it?

This is precisely why you need an organic pest control service to help secure your space. Bathrooms are ideal nesting locations for many pests, such as rodents, snakes, and raccoons, because of the cool and damp environment they offer. Wildlife pests find their way inside bathrooms via open or accessible windows, vents, drains, or cracks in the foundation. They may go undetected for a long time, sneaking in at odd hours and making your bathroom their nesting spot.

Our team at Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc provides organic pest control and wildlife exclusion services to NYC residents. We help homeowners identify potential entry points that could invite wildlife indoors and provide solutions to prevent these outcomes. We also provide wildlife removal services, humanely capturing and getting rid of any pests that make their way inside your bathroom.

Wildlife Exclusion For Dryer Vents & Range Hoods

Bathrooms aren’t the only nesting spots for wildlife pests. Smaller animals, such as mice, squirrels, rents, and often, bats and birds, are also fond of sneaking into homes through dryer vents and range hoods. Their presence can impact indoor air quality, lead to health issues, and cause property damage.

Clearview Environmental Sciences Inc provides sustainable wildlife exclusion strategies to keep animals and birds out of your dryer vents and range hoods. We help fill in gaps, repair cracks, install barriers, and use eco-friendly repellants to prevent wildlife from entering your premises.


What Wildlife We Target

        • Raccoons
        • Rats
        • Squirrels
        • Skunks
        • Voles
        • Opossums
        • Armadillos
        • Badgers
        • Woodchucks
        • Bats
        • Birds
        • Reptiles

And other similar pests.

Ready to hire our environmental pest and wildlife control service in Staten Island, NYC? Contact us today to get started!

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